Module Rubernate::Queries
In: rubernate/queries.rb

This module contains classes and modules used for query building



Classes and Modules

Module Rubernate::Queries::Operations
Class Rubernate::Queries::BinOpConstr
Class Rubernate::Queries::Expr
Class Rubernate::Queries::ExprsList
Class Rubernate::Queries::Factory
Class Rubernate::Queries::FieldExpr
Class Rubernate::Queries::KeyRefExpr
Class Rubernate::Queries::Query
Class Rubernate::Queries::RObject
Class Rubernate::Queries::RParam
Class Rubernate::Queries::UnOpConstr


Log = Rubernate::Log   Log instance for Queries
RQL_PREFIX_REGEXP = /^\s*Select\s+:/   Re-Expr express prefix that starts all queries on RQL.

Public Class methods

Factory method, creates queries using stardart factory.

q = Rubernate::Queries.query "Select :o; Where o.prop.str == :value" puts q.to_sql